Over ‘Mare en de dingen’ – in Engelse vertaling


Maia and What Matters
Maia and What Matters

Mortier’s text is unusual, interesting and rather rambunctious––just like her characters. It carries the story in a no-nonsense way through the intricacies of Maia’s relationships, and the ways in which she deals with the disasters which befall the people that she cares most about. The use of reverse-indented, bold text to represent Maia’s thoughts and comments is particularly effective––it provides a window into the child’s mind. And Mortier pulls no punches. When Grandpa dies, her text is sympathetic, symbolic and straight to the point––‘Grandpa had broken a teacup and stopped living.’


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Tine Mortier harnesses the strong, feisty young character of Maia in few words. In fact, she sums up the essence of Maia’s personality in one of the best openings to a picture book I’ve come across.

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